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Educational Visits

South Angle Farm Park has being specifically developed to be a bespoke educational resource that will become an essential part of your school's year. Your classes visit to South Angle Farm Park can be individually tailored around what you are learning. We are perfect for topics on animals, farming, classification, variation, adaptation, food production, countryside, conservation, habitats, environment and many more.

As well as a range of different hands-on activities there will of course be the opportunity for everyone to interact with traditional farm animals including goats, ponies and pigs. And our less traditional fluffy animals including rabbits, chinchillas and alpacas and even our exotics including snakes, hedgehogs and spiders (all very friendly).

Your day will be led by one of our farm presenters who has had many years' experience working in schools with Lion Learners and has an excellent understanding of education, animals and the farm.

We supply a risk assessment and encourage you to come along as see the farm for yourself before you visit with your class, just give us a call to arrange a viewing. We charge a set price per group there is no charge for accompanying adults, the more the merrier in fact, and we are proud to be wheelchair and pushchair friendly.

South Angle Farm Park is the perfect location for a range of ages from reception through to KS3 and with the whole site fully enclosed, and exclusively yours, you know your pupils are safe to learn and have fun. We can accommodate three groups (around about 25 children per group) at a time and the day is usually broken down into 3 activities and lunch.
A Typical Itinerary

10am – Arrive and meet up with your farm presenter. Gather in the welcome area to get wellies and outside clothes on and learn how to have safe fun on a farm.

10:15am – Head out for the first activity of the day. This is the animal experience were we take a tour of the farm and meet all the fascinating animals including farm animals, pet animals, exotic animals and even some creepy crawlies. Our animal interaction areas are undercover so a little rain won't dampen our fun.

11:30am – We go to the classroom and have a drink of water and snack (if you wish to bring some fruit etc.)

11:40am – We learn about the different types of food that are grown on farms and how different seeds grow into different crops. This is all age appropriate and everyone gets to have a go at planting their own crops in pots that can be taken back to school and used through your further learning.

12:30pm – Everyone gets washed up at our new, purpose built washing area and toilet block and heads over to the enclosed picnic area where the pack lunches have been brought over and placed in the undercover eating area. There is lots of room to run around and play while the grown-ups enjoy a coffee (or two).

1pm – We look at what different animals like to eat. We get together all their different foods and investigate more closely what is in them and how they are similar/different to the foods we eat. We then move around the farm and feed all the different animals.

1:45pm – We take a trip the adjoining farm shop where there is an opportunity to see all the produce grown locally on sale and buy a souvenir of the day. (optional)

2pm – We all get washed up and head back to the welcome area to get back on the bus!

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