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Schools and Group Visits

South Angle Farm Park is built for schools. We are an educational site set up and run by experienced educational professionals including our own dedicated educational officer. All our school experience days are presenter led and no public are admitted when we have a school group visiting. Whether you are bringing one class or two your day will be active, educational and above all else fun as you embark on a variety of activities across our 17 acre fully enclosed site.

The Days run from 10am till 2pm and involve four separate activities. All are age appropriate and all are developed to help you and your class get closer to nature, both domestic and exotic. We start our day with a tour of the larger farm animals including goats, sheep, pigs, horses, donkeys, alpacas and llamas. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the intricacies and varieties of modern farming as well as get up and close with some very friendly and forever memorable animals.

We then, after a short snack break, move on to the smallest animals on the farm with our mini-beast experience. You and your class will get the opportunity to hold, feed and learn all about invertebrates from around the world whilst comparing them with there native cousins that can be found in the woods just outside. Giant snails, millipedes, cockroaches and stick insects all reside at the farm but the one that everyone wants to hold is our tarantula. Truly an experience you will never forget.

After lunch it is time for our reptiles to make an appearance. Bearded dragons, corn snakes and tortoises can all be held as we discuss their eating habits, habitats and everything else herpetological. How does a corn snake compare to our native grass snakes? Find out at South Angle Farm Park.

Our day finishes with an activity of your choice. Choose from rabbit and Guinea pig handling, sowing, growing and harvesting with plants to take home or our awesome treasure hunt trail. Then a quick trip to the farm shop for souvenirs and back on the bus buzzing with excitement.

We are very proud of the quality of our school visit days but don’t just take our word for it check out our testimonials page or just ask any of the hundreds of teachers who have brought their classes to South Angle Farm Park again and again.


Full Day (10am - 2pm flexible)
Up to 30 children: £230 +VAT
Up to 60 children: £300 +VAT

Discounts may be available for multiple bookings.

A Typical Itinerary

10am – Arrive and meet up with your farm presenter. Gather in the welcome area to get wellies and outside clothes on and learn how to have safe fun on a farm.

10:15am – Head out for the first activity of the day. This is the animal experience were we take a tour of the farm and meet all the fascinating animals including farm animals, pet animals, exotic animals and even some creepy crawlies. Our animal interaction areas are undercover so a little rain won’t dampen our fun.

11:00am – We have a break for a drink of water and snack (if you wish to bring some fruit etc.)

11:15am – The second activity of the day is to learn about the bugs we have on the farm. There’s even the chance to hold a tarantula! (If you have two groups one will do this activity first).

12:00pm – Everyone gets washed up at our purpose built washing area and toilet block and heads over to the enclosed picnic area where the pack lunches. There is lots of room to run around and play while the grown-ups enjoy a coffee (or two). In poor weather lunch and breaks can be taken in our indoor eating area which also has an area to play.

12.30pm – We look at what different animals like to eat. We get together all their different foods and investigate more closely what is in them and how they are similar/different to the foods we eat. We then move around the farm and feed all the different animals.

1pm – We do activities 3 and 4 which involve meeting our reptiles in the classroom then our rabbits and guinea pigs.

1:45pm – We take a trip to the adjoining farm shop where there is an opportunity to buy a souvenir of the day. (optional)

2pm – We all get washed up and head back to the welcome area to get back on the bus!

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"Well what can I say other than my family loved it! All animals are well cared for & as soon as water bottles went empty they were filled up straight away! Friendly staff and David the reptile man even did sign language which blew us away - as not many people go to that level in places & he had great charisma! Very natural, rustic farm which we loved how simple it was but it just worked great!"

Lauren Byles | Facebook

"This is an outstanding farm, perfect for my daughter! The team is great and knowledgeable and there's plenty for children to be involved in. A particular highlight is the reptile house and the shows that go with it. My daughter is coming up for 3 but was only too keen to try and feed the chameleon and to hold a snake. Would absolutely recommend going!"

Brian Richardson | Facebook

"A fantastic day out with my two children (age 6 and 7) thank you all so much for being so friendly and willing to answer all the questions that we had. The animals were also incredibly calm and friendly. We absolutely loved it!"

Rebecca Grey | Facebook

"Have been visiting for last four years. Staff are really friendly and make loads of effort for various themed events. Farm is small but great for under 8s to explore. Plenty of opportunities to engage with the animals."

Nina Kitson | Facebook