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Farm Party

A South Angle Farm Park party is a fantastic experience for the whole family. You are led through your party by one of our knowledgeable farm presenters and taken on a tour that can include visits to the bunny barns and the reptile room, trips out into the woods and field to get up close with our alpacas, goats and ponies and then back to the classroom for a close encounter with some very chilled out chinchillas.

After the farm tour experience which lasts about 90 minutes everyone heads over to the food and play area. Please bring your own food for your group.

When everyone is re-fuelled you are all welcome to enjoy the farm at your own pace, we do ask that adults accompany children at all times and your farm presenter will be on hand to allow you to enjoy any of the animals or experiences again.

Our prices are set by package not numbers. There is no limit on the number of accompanying adults and everyone is encouraged to get involved with the activities if they want to. Each party is tailored to your child wants and designed to make them the centre of their special day.

Our standard party times are 10am – 12:30pm or 2pm – 4:30pm. These times are slightly flexible but if you wish to have a longer party experience or a time slot in the middle of the day this can be arranged with the addition of a small premium.



Our standard party times are 10am – 12.30pm or 2pm – 4:30pm (flexible)

Morning or Afternoon Party:

<10 children (under 16's) + unlimited adults: £150

<20 children (under 16's) + unlimited adults: £170

<30 children (under 16's) + unlimited adults: £200

Midday party (12pm - 2:30pm for example) subject to £50 excess charge.

Optional extras

Party invitations - free of charge.

Party favour boxes are priced at £3 each for a standard sized box or £4.50 for a large box. For more details see our parties page.


Typical itinerary:

9:40am – You and your family arrive to meet your farm presenter for the day and take a look around the farm site. You take the cake and food over to the eating area.

10am – Greet your guests with your farm presenter and enjoy a coffee before the day begins, with a soft drink for the children.

10:15am – Our presenter leads the group out into the farm, first stop is the bunny barn where everyone gets to meet our beautiful rabbits and handle our gorgeous guinea pigs

10: 30am – We all head over to the Reptile room to meet some of our more exotic animals. There everyone gets to hold our lizards, snakes, tortoises and even our spiders (if you're feeling brave)

10.50am – Lets head out to the paddocks and meet some bigger animals. Our pigmy goats love to come out for a stroke and a bite to eat. Our alpacas are partial to a little attention as well and while we are up that way we had better save some carrots for our Ponies.

11:05am – Back down to the farm yard to cuddle the chickens see the pigs and the lambs (seasonal).

11:15am – We head into the classroom to see our adorable chinchillas.

11.30am – Everyone heads over to our picnic and play area for the party food and fun & games.

If you want to re-visit a special animal now is the time!

12.30pm – Everyone heads home, full of memories and a little overexcited!












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