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South Angle Farm

Family Days

Lion Learners Tortoise Benedict and BeatirceSouth Angle Farm Park is the perfect day out for your family. From the little ones to the grandparents there is something for everyone to enjoy. Once here the farm park is exclusively yours with one of our farm presenters on hand to take you through a range of exciting activities.

We can spend some time in the fields with our ponies and alpacas, or see who the bravest family member is by holding some exotic critters in our reptile room. Maybe you can give the pigs a clean or feed the lambs. There are a range of activities for a half day or whole day experience and the cost is not per person so bring the whole family.

Instead of spending the day battling other families to look at animals you can spend the day interacting and holding exciting animals and watching your children experience nature in a way they will never forget.


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